At Cormode, experience meets innovation

Whether it’s new steel building construction or upgrading of fuel petroleum tanks, our experienced and innovative team provides clients with the finest in petroleum marketing facilities.

Impressive fuel cardlock facilities, gas bar/convenience stores and car wash projects that reflect the Cormode & Dickson standard of craftsmanship and quality have been erected across western and northern Canada.

With every fuel tank’s card lock system, we team up with our client to fulfill exact requirements while maintaining an uncompromised respect for budget and scheduling demands.

Fuel cardlock systems – are you aware of all the environmental issues?

When you work with Cormode & Dickson, you can be assured of strict adherence to environmental and safety standards. Our experience and expertise, coupled with our partnering approach, means every detail of your construction project will be met with care and diligence.

We’re confident that if given the opportunity to review your project, you will be impressed with our value-added services. Site selection, layout, permitting, spill containment, liquid discriminating alarms, overfills protection…our construction management takes into account every safety and environmental issue related to cardlock equipment and facilities. Through all stages of construction, we’ll walk you through the entire process.

From fuel tanks to cardlock equipment, Cormode delivers added value

Construction of fuel cardlock facilities means you’re interested in building convenience for your clients. Cardlock systems save companies money by identifying fuel consumption and providing important management information.

Cormode & Dickson is a leading building contractor that adheres to these same principles. For modern, distinctive sites that meet all the industry requirements, contact us at our offices in Edmonton, Calgary, AB, or Kelowna or Burnaby, B.C.