Custom designed prefabricated modular can be architecturally stunning. From school buildings and medical offices to off-site camps and residential homes. Whatever the building modular buildings are fast becoming one of the hottest and fastest growing construction in the marketplace … and for good reasons.

Three fundamental attributes and key advantages that make modular construction above all other construction methods are:

Substantial Cost Savings

Lean Modular Building in progress
Lean Modular Building in progress

o   Due to the factory precision and quality workmanship, modular manufacturing will not only save you time, it will save you costs throughout the entire building process.

o   Because of the shorter duration of construction, direct and indirect cost (labour and supervision) are cut down significantly

o   Through the utilization of lean manufacturing concepts, material waste is minimized, which reduces the material cost

Quality and Precision

o   Modular manufacturing allows for a better quality control in the factory, which reduces the number of repairs, and lowers future maintenance fees

o   The manufacturing process allows for a tighter building envelope that increases the energy efficiency of the building, and improves the sound insulation.

o   Modular units are constructed indoors in climate controlled facilities which reduces the issues caused by changing weather.


Modular units constructed indoors and installed on site
Modular units constructed indoors and installed on site

o   The shorter construction schedule offers a quick return on the money invested in the project

o   The preparation of the site work starts concurrently with construction of the modular unit in the factory resulting in a significantly shorter construction timeline

o   The manufacturing process of modular buildings tends to generate less site disturbances

Modular buildings are one of the most robust solutions to meet the ongoing demand for purpose-built structures from commercial and modular buildings to industrial and petroleum structures.  Modular building technology is cost saving dream for businesses, let us help explain the benefits of modular buildings for your business.