The most important aspect of our company, the one impression we’d like to make above all others, is the undeniable exertion every Cormode & Dickson employee puts into the demonstration of our unique corporate culture. Ben Elzen, President of Cormode & Dickson, explains it best:

“A corporate culture is a collection of individuals and reflects on their character. Our culture is reflected in our values and actions. We strive to demonstrate:

  • A warrior spirit
  • A servant heart
  • A fun-loving attitude”

If you were only awarded one moment to familiarize yourself with Cormode & Dickson, you’ve just learned the most important part of our company! But if you’re fortunate enough to have the time and inclination to read on, you’ll recognize our corporate culture woven throughout the following chapters of our company introduction—THE WHEN, THE WHO AND WHY, and THE WHAT AND THE HOW.


Cormode & Dickson was founded in Edmonton, Alberta in 1962. The implementation of a new ownership, in 1983, brought about a company restructuring that spawned growth and rapid expansion. Today Cormode & Dickson flourishes in the overall Western Canada marketplace, serving a widespread and robust client base.

Our expertise resides in new commercial and industrial construction, petroleum related facilities, design build projects, modular construction, and pre-engineered building supply and construction. Our latest operations have expanded to service the needs of the upstream oil and gas sector.


Cormode & Dickson is a full service general contractor and construction management firm. We have operations throughout Western Canada, with client satisfaction our main goal. It is our experience that in building authentic, long term relationships with our clients, we begin to develop common values. Over time these shared values bind us together, and we are no longer a company and a client, but rather partners. It is this partnership that allows for the open communication and unwavering trust necessary to construct greatness, both on the job and within the business relationship. From your project’s inception through to its completion, we remain partners.


Contribution to the Project

At Cormode & Dickson every project is infused with our expertise and creativity, our goal—to produce the best possible results for our clients. This is achieved through:

  • The selection of excellent trades
  • The utilization of the highest quality materials
  • A skilled and well trained workforce
  • An unwavering focus on our clients’ needs

People Resources

Our greatest asset is the gifted and dedicated men and women who are Cormode & Dickson. Through them we promote tried and true company values and practices that ensure our past successes will extend well into the future. With ample opportunity for continuous learning and personal growth, we cultivate a spirit of achievement in both the individual and the group by exhibiting and fostering communication, enthusiasm and focus.


In a memo to his employees, Ben suggested a quote from Charles Reade, as an example of how they might best be intentional with their character. As you read these words, recognize it is this kind of integrity, this Warrior Spirit and Servant Heart, which Cormode & Dickson puts forth toward not only their customers, but their peers, co-workers and business acquaintances each and every day.

​​“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

                                                                                             ~Charles Reade