Whether working at remote sites or faced with rigid timelines or operating in harsh climates, workforce housing is an integral part of the job process. Workers may reside in workforce housing for weeks, months or years. Their level of productivity, safety and health are largely contingent upon the accommodations they are provided. Cramped bedrooms, shared washrooms, unappealing living quarters and lack of recreational areas make living conditions dull and uninspiring. In turn, this can adversely affect worker’s morale and performance.

Cormode & Dickson has developed solutions to these problems, working with their clients to deliver workforce facilities that are inviting, comfortable and engaging. Buildings are constructed in compliance with Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility codes, and either meet or exceed code specifications.

Designed to meet the needs of the workforce, modular structures are ready for occupation in half the time of a traditional build. Construction is executed offsite, eliminating weather related installation constraints and costly delays in the building process. Once the site is prepared the modules are brought in for assembly and finishing.

The recently completed Noralta Lodge Camp Expansion, in Ft. McMurray, is a 1,774 bed, multi-story, multi-suite complex, constructed in just five months. Cormode & Dickson worked diligently to make CEO Greg Cameron’s vision of the lodge become reality:

“We feel that our lodges are unique… that’s our mindset. It’s not a camp. It’s a different attitude, a different atmosphere, a different level of engagement, respect and customer service.”

Noralta Lodge features large private rooms equipped with spacious bathrooms, flat screen HD televisions, private telephones and internet service. The recreational facility boasts a fully equipped fitness center, game room, laundry facilities and a 24-hour kitchen. Cormode & Dickson and Greg Cameron both achieved their goals in providing a comfortable, safe, well-constructed modular facility that continues to meet the needs of hundreds of workers.