In the blossoming community of Fort McMurray, where Cormode & Dickson boast a full time branch operation, May was a month to be proud of! The dedicated and diligent staff of Cormode & Dickson, Fort McMurray, completed two new facilities for Suncor in the usual C & D fashion—on time and on budget!

“Our commitment to our client, Suncor, was to complete this facility for May,” said Rodney Capstick, Senior Project Manager, “and we delivered without delay and on budget despite the harsh winter.”

Suncor’s Cardlock Exterior in Fort McMurray – Cormode & Dickson
Suncor’s Cardlock Exterior in Fort McMurray – Cormode & Dickson

An addition to Suncor’s existing 218,000 s.f. operational facility, the two new buildings consisted of a 2,368 s.f. office building and a 18,750 s.f. lube warehouse and tire shop. Using pre-engineered materials, the C & D staff was better able to vigorously work despite the winter’s unforgiving temperatures. The project broke ground during the balmy days of August, 2013, and continued steadily for 9 months until its completion in May, 2014.

The Cormode & Dickson branch in Fort McMurray exhibits the same superior service as do all C & D offices, with close attention to maintaining strong relationships with clients and trade partners, as well as a continued mentorship of their own staff. Therefore, as Fort McMurray continues to grow, Cormode & Dickson is swift to recognize and meet the demands of this young and vital community.

Wally Parke, Senior Project Manager, Cormode & Dickson sums up this unique relationship when he says, “Our employees are committed to working in Fort McMurray, and that provides us with the opportunity to work closely, in person with them as they grow and take on more responsibility. Their commitment to Cormode and to Fort McMurray has ensured that our relationship with our trade partners remains strong, and we do work as a team with our trades.”