Modular Hotel Construction – Choice Hotels – Estevan Saskatchewan Canada

The Choice Hotel addition in Estevan Saskatchewan is a design-build modular extension onto an existing slab-on-grade stick build structure. The addition, a 27,000 SF 4-storey building with a total of 48 suites, was designed and built over a period of nine months and had a budget of $4.2M.

Each floor of this modular hotel has 12 suites; nine with two double beds, two with one bedroom, and one suite for guests with accessibility requirements. Being a modular construction project, every suite was fully finished in the manufacturing facility prior to shipping. This means the suites were carpeted, painted, and were outfitted with headboards, toilets, sinks, and even towel racks before they showed up on site in Estevan!

Modular construction additions onto established structures can be challenging as you have to work around existing services and the complexity of this project was increased by the client’s decision to go with a design-build modular hotel extension. Fitting the modular hotel pieces onto the existing structure meant there would be more upfront design and prep work, and no room for error. Cormode hired the same architectural firm that designed the original hotel to bridge the gap between old and new, bringing a level of familiarity to the project.

“Challenges and problems are inevitable for any project, no contractor is immune to them. The difference then lies in the contractor’s ability to manage those challenges effectively and find solutions that put the client’s needs first. That is what Cormode does best and the Choice Hotel addition was no exception.” – Russ Collicott, GM South Saskatchewan Operations

Cormode’s commitment to safety and excellence was evident throughout the entirety of the project; challenges were met head on and problems were solved within budget and on time. Backed by the incredible Cormode team the Choice Hotel addition is proof again that Cormode is a leader in modular hotel construction.

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