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You have a construction project you want to get off the ground, but you’re wondering “what do I do now?” or “where do I get started?” Starting a project, whether big or small, can be a daunting task for the new builder. But you’re in luck, you’ve found the experts, Cormode & Dickson, and we’re ready to take your project from conception to completion.

As an A to Z construction provider, we can handle all aspects of the creation, planning, and execution of any and all construction projects that you may envision, from custom designed, bespoke projects, to prefabricated, module projects.

We know you’re a busy entrepreneur, and the way you’re going to make the most efficient use of your time is by having a single contact point, who handles all aspects of the construction project, instead of hiring a seperate architect, a general contractor, a business manager, and having to coordinate everyone into a single goal.

And we don’t just stick to the conceptional build, but we look for every way you can get the most value out of your building, improving where we can, and increasing efficiencies where we find them.

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For example, we were tasked with the installation of the Noralta Lodge Camps in Fort McMurray, Alberta. However, after carefully considering the plans for the build, we found areas that we could save the company money, improve efficiencies, bring up the deadline, and do the entirety of the build, from A to Z.

“Timeline and budget were met, thanks to the exceptional Cormode delivery team and their undeniable commitment to excellence.”

When you need reliability, added value, exemplary customer service and competitive pricing, you need Cormode & Dickson, your A to Z construction provider in Western Canada.

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