At Cormode & Dickson, we are an A to Z construction provider. We can handle all aspects of the creation, planning and execution of any and all construction projects that you may envision, from custom designed, bespoke projects, to prefabricated modular project. You may have noticed from our other blogs that we deal with modular construction quite often, however, while modular construction is a fantastic route to go for almost every construction project, it has some limitations that might make it not the right direction to go with.

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1. limited customization
Modular buildings can certainly be customized, but there is often an extent or limit to how much customization can go into it. That’s why at Cormode & Dickson, we prefer to enter into a project at the design phase, so that we can design a building that can be made with modular in mind.

There is always the possibility that your original design may not be possible to be built modular, in which case we would recommend going a more traditional construction route.

2. limited service area
The very nature of modules means they’re going to be made in a fabrication facility, then they must be shipped to the building location, which can be extremely far away, depending on where that location is and where the nearest fabrication facility is. The costs of the transportation can be extreme, and can create difficulties with the build, making conventional construction the possible better choice.

3. zoning rules.
Modular buildings are quite possibly the future of construction, but it’s only recently taken off as a preferred construction method, which means local zoning rules may have out-dated, confusing, or different rules from zone to zone. As modular buildings continually become more popular, this disadvantage of modular will become more and more rare.

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June 20, 2016

You are absolutely right that modular, just like everything else in life, cannot be perfect for every building construction project. We at Vanguard Modular echo your emphasis on evaluating a project for the best construction method at the design phase.

Understanding the benefits of modular building construction ( and weighing them against potential limitations is an important step in the process of determining what construction method is right for a particular project.

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