In one of our blogs, titled “Fact vs Fiction: 5 Myths About Modular Construction” one of our 5 myths went over the topic of recognizability. The prevailing notion out there being that modular construction buildings look like boring, building block, lego buildings. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With a good design, a builder can make some fantastic buildings that look nothing like the conventional modular building.

To prove this point, here’s 5 buildings that look nothing like a conventional modular building!

1. Meg Energy: Christina Lake Lodge, in Conklin, Alberta


It is almost impossible to detect the markings of modular construction with this high-end ski lodge located right here in Alberta.  That’s probably why the Modular Building Institute voted it the Judge’s Choice in their modular building awards. Using wood and metal inlays throughout the construction, this lodge is a combination of the finest materials and expert craftsmanship.

The 120,000 sq. ft. building includes a gymnasium (with full basketball court), large windows, rich wood panelling, a two-storey dormitory, 300 sq. ft. bedrooms, with private bathrooms, workstations, and PTAC heating systems.

2. Coal Yard Apartments in Ithaca, New York.


In an attempt to architecturally match the designs of the neighbourhood apartments, this building couldn’t look like an obvious modular building, and we believe they successfully blended it into the existing building architecture.

This 27,800 sq. ft. apartment building was built by Champion Commercial Structures. It features two and three bedroom apartments, consisting of multiple modules, which makes the apartment spacious (as you can see from the below picture), removing any of the “compartmentalized” feeling of what is mistakingly attributed to modular buildings. The building was erected in just over a year, and features a concrete parking garage below the building and a garden terrace on the roof!

3. Aviara Sales Centre, Burnaby, BC.


Another Canadian building, the Aviara Sales Centre in Burnaby, BC would fool even the most experienced of modular construction designers. Originally built as a proof of concept presentation centre, this building showcases a state-of-the-state building, planned for a high-rise community. It features a model room, photo and display area and stunning curved glass walls.


4. Basis Independent K-12 School, Brooklyn, NY.

AwardImage (1)

This private school comes in at 90,000 sq. ft. with 4 storeys plus a top floor penthouse, featuring 32 spacious classrooms, with chemistry and bio labs, and strategically placed windows for natural light, blended in with an on-site built theatre and a gym.

The school took home the Modular Building Institutes “Best Independent School” award for its architectural excellence, technical innovation, sustainability, and cost effectiveness.


5. North Ridge Place, St. Albert.


One of our most recent projects, the North Ridge Place, is a perfect example, proving that not all modular projects look the same.  This project was a 47, 520 sq. ft., 48 suite addition to the already existing North Ridge Lodge, a seniors’ assisted living housing development managed by the Sturgeon Foundation. An example of the flexibility of modular, this addition was built off site, then delivered, which dramatically expedited the schedule and allowed for completion of the facility within a much shorter time frame. The exterior siding was a maintenance free product that served to ‘mask’ the modular construction, and seamlessly integrate itself into the already existing structure.

As you can see, contrary to popular misconceptions, modular buildings have no design limitations. As an A to Z contractor, and as long as Cormode and Dickson is a part of the design process, we can build unique and varied projects that will be unrecognizable as modular buildings.

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