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Thinking about investing in a self-storage facility? From the business plan through to construction, entrepreneurs looking to build a self-storage facility will benefit from Cormode & Dickson’s expertise. Whether you’re considering modular construction or a conventional build, Cormode & Dickson will alleviate your project manager’s stress by guiding you through the process from design through to completion. Not only will your Alberta construction project contribute to the current economy, but also a self-storage facility is a good investment because the need for storage is perpetual.

When people’s lives are in transition – whether selling their home, renovating, travelling, or dealing with the loss of a family member – self-storage offers flexibility, affordability, and security to those needing to store and secure their belongings. A rentable room designed to provide a safe, secure, controlled environment where people can confidently store their belongings, self-storage facilities provide customers with both lasting and temporary solutions to storage problems. Plus, self-storage units offer unparalleled security from thieves and environmental damage. Here are eight reasons why people will always need self-storage, making it a solid, recession-proof investment.

1. Moving

Probably the number one reason that people need to use a self-storage facility is for moving. Whether de-cluttering their homes to make them more attractive to potential buyers, storing their belongings while in-between homes (due to conflicting possession dates, home from college, or eviction), or packing and storing items in preparation for a big move – no matter the reason, moving presents opportunities for both short and long-term storage. Renting a self-storage unit is one of the most practical solutions for making a move less stressful.

2. Frequent Traveling

In this global age, many Albertans are world travellers, saving their hard earned money to go off on long-term travel adventures from several months to several years. While some people plan for only a few months, and don’t come back for a couple of years, others plan for a year and return after a couple of months. Regardless, these nomadic travellers don’t want to worry about their personal belongings and prized possessions – self-storage allows travellers to embark on their journey worry-free.

3. Retirement or Down-Sizing
Retirement and down-sizing go hand in hand. Many people reaching retirement age are living in big, empty nests, their children, now grown and out of the house, leaving behind their childhood rooms and furniture, along with boxes of childhood memorabilia and their own sentimental keepsakes. Retirees may want to live in smaller homes, but also want to save furniture, belongings, and heirlooms to pass on to their children. Self-storage offers a solution: a secure, protected environment for the belongings they no longer have room for.

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4. Sports Equipment and Vehicles
Rather than buying or building expensive sheds to store sports equipment and sporting vehicles like cars, boats, RVs, tent trailers, ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles, self-storage offers an affordable home for these goods during their off-season. People can rotate their seasonal equipment in and out of their facility which often include indoor and outdoor parking areas.

5. Babies
Babies turn people’s lives upside down, and while they’re so small, they have a lot of baggage: cribs, high chairs, bassinets, jolly jumpers, baby swings, baby chairs, play mats, bedroom furniture, and clothes that can’t seem to keep up with their growth. For families planning on having several children, storing all of the age-appropriate paraphernalia can be challenging because there is just so much of it. Self-storage is the ideal solution to completing a baby’s nursery space before their exciting arrival or storing all the goods from baby number one until baby number two arrives.

6. Protecting Valuable Items
Self-storage units aren’t just for temporary storage or freeing up personal space, they are also frequently rented to protect valuable items: artwork, important documents, business materials (computers, furniture, paperwork for audits), and antiques. Storing these items in a basement leaves them susceptible to water damage and humidity – climate controlled self-storage facilities offer safe preservation.

7. Divorce or Loss
Unfortunately, divorce and loss is a reality that many people face. When couples split or a family member passes away, individuals are often in need of temporary or long term storage. From excess furniture to items with sentimental value, there is often a lot of stuff to go through, separate, save, or throw away. Many families aren’t emotionally prepared to deal with all the belongings left behind and need to store them until they are ready to go through it.

8. Home Renovations
Many people buy older homes with the intention of eventually doing a complete over-haul of renovations. But renovating an entire home means moving out belongings to make room for construction. From full on construction projects to basic décor changes, people need to protect their furniture and home decor items. They may also need self-storage for stockpiled building materials waiting to be put to use.

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