The Alberta construction industry is rife with innovative technology, geared towards enhancing project efficiency and quality. From modular construction to mixed reality, from building information modeling (BIM) to scalable modular buildings for vertical farming, Cormode & Dickson uses cutting edge, innovative technology to advance and improve your next project.

Modular Construction

Cormode & Dickson is known for our modular pre-fabricated construction techniques. Through offsite construction, in controlled environments, we build your project – using the same materials and building codes – in almost half the time. We construct buildings in modules that are transferred to site where they are put together. Modular construction results in stronger buildings, better quality management, increased schedule milestones, reduced site disruptions, and improved safety and security. Modular construction doesn’t just create square, cookie cutter buildings, in fact, it allows for creative design with endless possibilities in transportation, retail, agriculture, housing, education, and humanitarian crises.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3D modeling process that aids architects, engineers, and construction professionals in efficient designing, planning, and building. BIM allows construction teams to avoid design clashes and aids in schedule planning by creating a virtual, 3D model that is used for problem solving and construction planning. For example, BIM can be used to determine whether mechanical or electrical work needs to be completed first or how to fit equipment into tight spaces, and it can highlight errors in the design before construction begins. Helping to minimize waste onsite, BIM works well with pre-fabrication construction, promoting just-in-time delivery of site components as the project develops.

Mixed Reality (DIRTT)

Overlapping virtual reality and the physical, real world, mixed reality lets users see and manipulate virtual design in real world spaces. This exciting technology allows designers and clients to see how the project will progress onsite and to see those developments in real time. Cormode & Dickson has worked with this technology through DIRTT, a custom, interior pre-fabrication construction company. Using their software, ICE®, DIRTT designs and delivers the perfect interior to clients, allowing them to both modify and experience their planned interiors while the software creates construction directions.

Vertical Farming

Using modular construction, Cormode & Dickson recently constructed a vertical farming facility for NutraPonics, a company dedicated to aquaponics systems that grow food upwards instead of outwards like traditional farms. A high density agricultural technique, vertical farming has a small footprint, making it good for the environment. We constructed a scalable, modular growing facility for them that holds self-contained ecosystems that that use less land, less energy, and less water than traditional farms.

Together with our construction partners – designers, suppliers, and trades – Cormode & Dickson offers state-of-the-art technology to build your design-build project. Contact us to start your project today.

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