Before you begin building your pre-engineered construction project, our Cormode & Dickson team of professionals will walk you through every stage from inception to innovation to completion. As with any Alberta construction project, your pre-engineered construction building begins with three key items: your budget, your land, and your schedule.


Your Edmonton construction project’s budget must account for all of your building costs, including land purchase. Be sure to budget for land, foundations, permits, and taxes in addition to the steel structure itself. The beauty of a pre-engineered steel building is that it’s considerably more cost effective than conventional construction and it’s designed specifically for your purposes and to carry the exact load that’s going to be on it – meaning that you won’t have any extra, unused building materials afterwards. Once you’ve calculated your budget, we can begin working on a steel building package that suits your all of your project needs.


If you don’t already own the land you wish to build on, you’ll need to factor the purchase into your budget as it makes up the bulk of your investment. As you research properties, you’ll need to determine the site conditions: soil, excavation, trees, asphalt, physical barriers etc. Together with your Cormode & Dickson project manager we ascertain not only the requirements for your building’s foundation, but also the zoning bylaws and permitting requirements for your potential location. You want to be certain that your parcel of land will allow you to build your project before you purchase it, or, if you already own a piece of land, you want to ensure that your building is designed and constructed within the parameters of the existing parcel’s zoning, permitting, and building regulations. Before beginning foundations, we’ll figure out the climate conditions, stressors, dimension potential, and seismic loads that will impact your pre-engineered steel building so that we can design it accordingly.


Pre-engineered steel buildings can often be delivered within a couple of months, but site conditions for foundations may negatively impact your schedule. Ensuring that you’ve properly assessed and prepared the site is crucial to meeting your schedule. However, because of design simplicity, pre-engineered metal buildings make for speedy construction, if properly managed. Thus, project management is of the utmost importance in schedule management.  As pre-engineered building experts, Cormode & Dickson provides you with efficient and precise project management to ensure that your steel structure is delivered on time.

Once your land is purchased and assessed and your budget and schedule are established, we’ll begin the design and drawings. At Cormode & Dickson, we offer our expertise and insight to educate and prepare you throughout the process. Contact us today to begin your pre-engineered steel building project.