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Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our company philosophy at Cormode & Dickson, where we welcome the opportunity to provide quality without compromise. As a result, we work with our clients, not for them, effectively ensuring client satisfaction by sharing our expertise and experience from your Alberta construction project’s inception to completion. As your builder, we are all about adding value, from big picture innovation to business plan development to managing risks, costs, and schedule – we are involved throughout the life of your project.

In the Edmonton construction industry, managing construction costs is particularly integral to a project’s success, whether it’s a conventional or modular, pre-fabricated build. In fact, cost certainty can make or break a project, particularly when budgets are tight. That’s why at Cormode & Dickson, we’ve developed an Enhanced Business Relationship (EBR) program so that our clients can reap the rewards of having a construction expert by their side when making all critical business decisions, starting with your business plan.

Beginning with an engagement period, we establish a collaborative, solid foundation with our clients from which we build a partnership. Further solidifying our project team, we align our collective business goals, and create plans for achieving them together. Our EBR partnership development includes the creation of strategies, structures, processes, skill sets, and a corporate culture that will support the project’s needs and establish the groundwork for building a successful business plan.

As we work with you to design your project’s business plan, our review extends beyond just the build to your company’s operations and organization, while also maximizing your revenue and profits. Our approach is comprehensive and intentionally designed to help your business, not just your project, succeed.

Because our services are project-focused and tailored to exceed your project requirements, we combine insight and innovation with construction expertise as we move from the conceptual design phase through to construction. From the outset of our working relationship, we provide our clients with a variety of options at varying price points to offer both cost certainty and customization.

Not only do we know the competitive landscape of the Alberta construction industry, and how get the most mileage out of your budget, we also bring over 50 years of experience building innovative, cost-effective, and beautiful projects. As a modular construction manager, we offer design-build services in which we design in-house – offering design services at a fraction of the typical architectural costs. Additionally, Cormode & Dickson can control the design process, ensuring that your project is designed with your budget in mind. We custom build your project to your budget and we can do both innovatively and sustainably.

Lastly, as your partner, we offer a completely transparent process; our clients are “in-the-know” every step of the way, engaging with our project team, asking questions, setting guidelines, and engaging throughout the project’s life.

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