We’re now six days into 2017, and we’re looking forward to what the year has in store for us in Alberta construction. But before we get into it, let’s take a look back at three projects we wrapped up right at the end of 2016 in Fort McMurray.

Post-fire construction boom in Fort McMurray expected to surpass height of oilsands frenzy

YMM Airport Fire Hall Garage

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In light of the recent fires, we were glad to help out with the Rotary House’s sprinkler system. The Wapiti Community Dorm Society’s Rotary House provides shelter and support to homeless and hard to house individuals and families who have a unique blend of needs requiring a unique kind of housing.

We had the opportunity to build the Shell Place Baseball Concession. Shell Place is a multi-use stadium that hosts frenzied fans, baseball tournaments, conference centres, non-profit community hubs, and a community park. The Shell Place is a non-profit shared space that provides essential services to the Fort McMurray community.