Workforce Accommodations

When you are commencing a new modular construction, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. Workforce accommodation is one of those many things. When your workforce stays close to the project site, there are a lot of benefits that you as the manager of the project get. Let us look at some of those benefits and understand why it is important to set up a residential facility.

Easy Access to Homely Amenities

The most significant benefit of setting up accommodation facilities on a construction site is that people can easily visit their habitat whenever they wish to. In case labourers forget a crucial thing that they may need during their job, they can visit their home built on site instead of getting out of the construction property, travelling, and then reaching their home. And don’t forget the same process has to be followed while they have to come back. By setting up workforce accommodations, you help the worker to access all the necessary amenities they may need during or immediately before or after their project.

Immediate Response to Emergencies

When you set up accommodations on your construction site, the families of your workers may also stay with them. Even if they don’t stay, your workers may often feel the need to reach home for an emergency. When their house is located within the proximity of your modular construction site, they can reach home within a few minutes whenever they are needed. For instance, if there is a short circuit or theft that took place at their place, they can immediately visit and respond to the situation.

When your workers work away from their homes, they may take a lot of time to reach their home in case of an emergency. The delay may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, building home facilities close to your project site is a necessity.

Time-Saving Option

When people stay away from their work location, a considerable amount of their time is taken up by travelling. Travelling to and from your construction site can waste a lot of their time daily. But if you build an accommodation facility on the construction site or in the proximity, a lot of time will be saved daily. Also, if you need your workers to be available for an emergency, they can visit the site in no time, thus saving a lot of time for you and your construction project. The time saved daily can be used to complete other construction-related tasks. This can also help you in completing your modular construction process in less time.

Better Dining Facility

When your workers are employed on your construction site, they spend a lot of their time on-site and complete various tasks, such as having meals. If you don’t have a proper dining area for your staff to have lunches and dinners, they may have to compromise and eat without any designated place. They may end up eating at unhygienic places that are also affected by weather and other external factors. You can consider building workforce accommodation with a proper dining area. You can either set up a common area where everyone can gather and eat together or an individual space inside every house where people can eat with privacy. In either case, your workforce will be able to eat in a safe and secure place where they don’t have to worry about any external factors. And as this dining area will be close to the construction site, your workers will be able to resume their work right after they are done their meals. Plus, most of your staff will thank you for this as they will get a chance to dine with their co-workers.

Increased Security of Belongings

One of the major concerns that most workers have when they are away from their house is the security of their assets and the safety of their family members. But when you set up workforce accommodation close to the modular construction project site, you let your workers keep an eye on their homes. The proximity of their homes from their work site and ability to look at their homes often gives peace of mind to your workers. They will be able to focus on their work with the thought that their house and all their belongings are close to them and are safe in a way. Also, if you install and add security features such as surveillance cameras and security guards, you will add a second-degree security layer to your workers’ homes and assets inside them. Furthermore, if they feel that there is a threat to their belongings, they can visit their home and take charge of the situation.

Live Closer to Colleagues

When your workers stay alone, they may feel very isolated in the city. The only connections that they may rely on are their co-workers and staff members. And if they get a chance to stay close to their only known people, nothing can be better than it. When they all stay close to each other, they can connect and communicate in a better way. If they have to discuss the modular construction project work, they can do it even during the non-working hours. As the manager of the modular construction project, you need to think about your workers’ working experience as well so that they are efficient in their work.

We listed all the practical reasons why you must set up a workforce accommodation on or around your construction site. So all that you need for setting up the facility is a reputed modular construction specialist. And an expert who understands the modular site well can build just-the-right accommodation facility near the project site.