Building Construction

Construction delays and cost overrun are an inherent part of large construction projects despite the much-acquired knowledge and experience about project management in building construction. With large, complex projects, there are many factors that can lead to the delay of deadlines and timelines in building construction. These delays lead to over expenses for the company as the construction site still remains on-going with the construction equipment still on site. The rentals for each equipment and machine is charged on a daily basis.

Projects that are of national interest like government projects or some large-scale private building construction projects need to fit in the iron triangle of cost, time, and scope to be defined as a successful project. If a construction project has faced delay, negative impacts tend to follow. The consequences of a delay in a building construction project include:

  • Late project completion
  • A bad impression of the company in the market
  • Loss of reputation of the brand
  • Reduction in profit margins
  • Termination of the contract with other investors in the project
  • Loss of future opportunities
  • Insolvency of the company

Delays in the project can also lead to an increase in project costs while completing it. The project is then completed haphazardly that compromises on material type and jeopardizing the overall quality and safety of the building. These are some major factors that lead to a delay in building construction project.

Delays Caused by the Consultant

1. Delay in Furnishing and Delivering the Site

This delay is caused when the construction site isn’t furnished or prepared for excavation on time. And the site is not delivered to the contractor on time because it’s not ready to begin the construction work. This delays the process of site mapping and other important site analysis tasks conducted by the consultant. Thus, causing an overall delay in the start of the project itself.

2. Delay in Revising and Approving Design Documents

The blueprints and floor plans of a construction project involves a lot of changes and revising in order to maintain design accuracy. But this process gets delayed if the owner of the project doesn’t approve designs on time. If there are too many changes given to the architect and civil engineer, a lot of precious time gets lost in revising floor plans. Receiving late approvals on the plans can delay project timelines further.

3. Poor Communication and Coordination Between Parties

The owner, the architect, and the consultant must have clear communication between them for the project to run smoothly. Poor communication can lead to delayed approvals on materials, design concepts, and permissions. This delay can then tamper with the set deadlines for the project.

4. Incomplete Documentation of the Project

If the site registration documents are incomplete or certain permissions and legal papers are yet to be cleared, then the construction process can come to a standstill until further permissions aren’t received.

5. Financial Problems

Delayed payments to the contractors, labourers, and the architect can definitely cause a delay in the completion of the project. If the company is facing a financial crisis, the project will face delays with payments made slower than it’s expected.

6. Lack of Consultant’s Experience

The consultant and his staff have to be on site at all times to give the right instructions and handle any emergency situation that arises on site. If the consultant lacks experience, he might not know how to handle site emergencies and might not be able to manage the project smoothly. This can delay site work to a drastic level.

7. Inadequate Planning and Scheduling

These are basic project management skills that the architects and civil engineers need to have. The actions and planning needed on site are immense. These project management decisions have to be quick and correct.

8. Rework Due to Construction Errors

Sometimes, some precasting or slab installation can have certain constructive errors where the only way to mend them is by reworking or redoing the process. This rework process definitely causes a delay in the completion of the project.

9. Underestimation of Work Productivity

Some contractors and their technical staff may be productive in the beginning, but as the project continues, they tend to work slower than expected. To avoid this, you must hire contractors who have experience in large scale building construction projects as their work productivity isn’t compromised.

Delays Caused by Third Parties

10. Delays Ccaused by Natural Calamities

These are delays caused by the ‘act of God’ reasons. Natural reasons like fire, floods, snowfall, excessive rainfall, hailstorm, and wind damage can bring a huge hurdle for construction projects to continue. These delay causing factors are non-compensable but causes a massive delay in project completion and a lot of financial loss to the owner too.

11. Suspensions

Sometimes, for some legal reasons, permissions for certain construction projects can be suspended by the government. Like a certain piece of land can only be granted permission for commercial projects. So, in case if there is another kind of project that is on-going, that project is suspended on an immediate basis.

12. Transportation Delays

Some modular construction elements take time to get transported to the site. If the machinery required for construction gets delayed to reach the site, the project timelines are affected.

13. Contract Modifications

If the owner makes certain modifications in the contract of the construction project, to seek further approvals for each modification causes a delay in meeting the deadlines.

14. Labour Ddisputes and Strikes

During an on-going project, unsatisfied labours can have disputes with the contractors due to delayed payments. These disputes can avalanche into strikes where labours don’t turn up on construction sites. This can cause massive delays in work completion.

Some of these factors may be non-compensable and cannot be controlled by man. The other factors that lead to construction delays, there is a solution to it. Search for asome contract construction management team that can consult you with the right project management methods for smooth completion of your building construction project.