Common Problems in Your Modular Building

Just like any other commercial construction, even a modular building may encounter issues over the years. Some issues may be minor, while some may affect your daily functioning. Irrespective of the seriousness, you mustn’t ignore any of the issues that you notice. Listed below are some of the most common issues in your modular commercial construction, and a few easy ways to solve or prevent them.

Issues in Central Air Conditioner

Sometimes, the central air conditioner may experience various issues. The most common issues include operation failures and no or inadequate cold air. These issues generally occur when the air conditioner is over-exhausted or when you are located close to the sea or ocean. In some cases, it may also happen due to a poor set-up. It could be something as simple as loose wires or an incorrect hookup, in which case it’s simply a matter of adjustment. If your central AC is running, but no air exits the diffusers, then open the diffusers and registers. Also, ensure the air louvres or grilles (located on the front wall inside) are not clogged or congested and check that the filter is clean. If the AC isn’t running, you might need to ensure that the voltage is correct at 220V, check for a faulty hookup or see if a circuit breaker was tripped. Make sure you’re using the thermostat correctly.

Clogged Air Filters

The centralized air filters in your commercial construction play a vital role in capturing dust particles and protecting everybody inside the modular building from various allergens. Over time these particles accumulate and begin to congest the filters. When dust particles accumulate on air filters and clog them, they also flow with the air. If not cleaned in time, allergens and dust particles floating in the air may irritate your workers and make them sick. The best solution to this issue is to replace your A/C filters every thirty days. Any longer and they can quickly turn against you and your workers. It is also essential to keep an eye on other components, such as evaporators and condensers, and replace or clean them whenever required. 

Air in the Building Spaces

Modular commercial construction has inherent interior hidden spaces that make it difficult to control the infiltration of outdoor air. Whether the spaces are between modular boxes found in wood-frame modular construction or spaces between modules found in the steel frame modular construction, these interior cavities provide a pathway for airflow easily. This airflow doesn’t only enter the building but also travel long distances through the building. As this air travels throughout the building, it washes interior surfaces causing direct condensation or at least raised surface conditions that have been found to cause physical damage and mould growth on wood framing and interior drywall.

Lights Don’t Work

Imagine you are working in your office, and suddenly the lights go off. Nobody wishes to deal with such power trips and issues related to the electrical system. However, this is a very common issue in modular buildings. It is a usual site that some areas of your modular building are well-lit and other areas aren’t. Such issues not only hinder your regular work but also strain your eyes and blur your vision over time if left unattended. So, never take any electrical issue lightly. Check all the switches to make sure they’re turned on. If they are, then check the light bulbs for two issues. First, whether some may have loosened in transit. Second, whether some bulbs have burned out. Simply replace them in this case. But if your light bulbs are in good condition and still don’t work, then call for professional service. You can opt for the professional service right from the beginning if you don’t have the right knowledge or enough time to deal with such issues in your commercial construction.

Structural Failure

Just like any other commercial construction, even modular buildings are prone to common structural damages. Some of the common damages include chipping paint, wobbly flooring, leaking ceilings, and major cracks. These issues aren’t something that you must ignore. If you wish to provide a healthy and safe environment for your employees to work at, you must identify these damages and get them repaired. As soon as you notice any of these or any other structural damages in your modular building, contact your modular building experts and get them fixed. Your modular builders, using their connections, will get the right people to work on various damages and ensure that you work in a perfect commercial construction.

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