Wilco (WHiMASE) Shop & Offices



This commercial office and heavy equipment mechanical maintenance shop is a design-build project using Cormode & Dickson’s exclusive Enhanced Business Relationship (EBR) process. It totals 22,972 square feet, 12,214 sq. ft. being two floors of office space, and 10,758 sq. ft. of maintenance shop including a 10T crane.

The corporate office space houses 22 executive offices, 2 lunchroom areas, a learning centre, a gym, 4162 square feet of landscaped roof garden, and a 5.53 acre landscaped site showcasing the client’s expertise.

This LEED equivalent building will accommodate WILCO and its sister companies while demonstrating their strong corporate culture and professionalism long into the future.

Project Class :
Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Client :
Wilco (WHiMASE)

Municipality :

Province :

Address :
14403 - 157 Avenue

Category :
Metal & Steel Building Construction