All of our warehouse and maintenance buildings are pre-engineered design build projects and are inclusive of offices, file storage space, hazardous material storage room, loading dock, overhead crane and an Arctic corridors if necessary.

Each of our warehouse buildings comply with the following criteria:

  • Durable and functional:
    • The design of our warehouses are build to withstand snow, wind, and seismic loads.
    • Wind-driven rain can easily penetrate the vast surface areas of the warehouse walls. We design the of our buildings to repel any and all water, stopping it from causing damage.
    • We guarantee that the floors of our buildings are level and flat.
  • Safe and secure:
    • Our warehouse construction projects always incorporate proper signage to clearly warn of hazards. We determine the strategy for warehouse signage early in the design process.
    • We ensure that non-slip surface treatments of floors indoor and outdoor are applied.
    • Our warehouses and maintenance buildings are designed with fire sprinkler systems.
    • If required we will include security systems into the overall warehouse design as well.
  • Healthy, safe and comfortable:
    • Proper ventilation is always installed in our warehouses and maintenance buildings.

Contact us for any of your warehouse or maintenance building construction requirements.