Cormode & Dickson

When our founders, Cam Cormode & Don Dickson, started our commercial construction business in 1962, they selected a simple, yet powerful mission statement—“make every customer a repeat customer”.

In every project we have taken on—from custom design/build the church and car wash construction to the erection of prefab steel warehouses and office buildings—we have chosen to continue this tradition. As in the beginning, client satisfaction remains the cornerstone of our company.

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Quality without compromise from a leading building contractor

We welcome the opportunity to work with demanding clients, since we share the same values. We believe a building contractor should work with their clients, not for them.

This partnering approach means we take a vested interest in not only the construction of steel building kits, but in helping our clients build success. This is achieved by sharing expertise and experience we have gained over the years in design, site layout, architecture and even management of a wide variety of projects. It’s all about adding value.

Prefab steel buildings all over North America

From our offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray, Alberta, we can coordinate and handle any prefab steel or custom building project throughout Canada. Our success is built on total customer satisfaction. Your building success depends on such a commitment.