EBR (Enhanced Business Relationship)

Our core values ensure that every client has the potential to develop into our Enhanced Business Relationship program with the Cormode & Dickson team.

Our EBR Program is formalized to provide this opportunity to our clients—giving them the chance to enjoy the advantages of having a construction expert at their side when critical business decisions are being made.

We work through a period of engagement, developing strong working principles and establishing a solid foundation from which we can build a partnership upon.

We then further develop an alignment with our new partners aligning our collective business goals and how we can work together to help attain them.

There comes a process of deepening into various domains of partnership development, and these may include:

  • Strategy
  • Structures
  • Processes
  • Skill Sets
  • Corporate Culture

Our EBR Program extends the Cormode & Dickson commitment to our partners—making them more competitive in the marketplace as it elevates the potential of our company for new opportunities.

Contact us for more information about out EBR Program and how we can work together.