3D Modelling

Cormode & Dickson’s 3D Modelling services provide clients with a working, living vision of their project. We help to give shape to your ideas, giving you a chance to explore and see your project in action.

3D modelling provides immediate performance of your project and can help you determine business inputs and even transportation flows in, out and around your building.

Some other advantages of working with Cormode & Dickson’s 3D Modelling Services include:

  • Clear validation of materials, environmental conditions, and strength
  • Opportunity to make engineering decisions based on prototype design results
  • Assessments of loads on areas not easily testable
  • Ability to quickly re-optimize construction decisions quickly in real time
  • Gain an early and complete understanding of your project early in the prototyping phase

Use technology to greatly improve the productivity, agility and safety of your construction project with Cormode & Dickson’s 3D Modelling Services.