Modular construction solutions, fully customized

Thanks in large part to improved building technology, the availability of cost effective, green materials and the move to become more energy efficient, modular homes and offices are now a smart choice for informed buyers.The Smart Buyer's Guide to Modular Construction

At Cormode & Dickson, we take great pride in being a modular homes manufacturer that offers fully customized solutions for modular and manufactured homes, whether multi storey, multi family or single family – homes that are energy efficient and of the highest quality. Guaranteed.

Construction managament that balances quality and affordability

Whether single family, multi family or multi storey, Cormode & Dickson can deliver your modular solution.

Modular construction technology has vastly improved over the years, making new construction projects more affordable than ever before. Modular construction costs for labor and materials are generally lower, and savings are greater due to quality workmanship. Plus, whether you’re looking for a modular home or modular office building, it’s also nice to know your heating and cooling bills will be kept to a minimum.

That’s because at Cormode & Dickson, we employ quality modular construction techniques throughout the entire process. From concept to design to manufacturing to site installation, we provide turn key modular home construction solutions.

Advancements in modular home construction

Modular home construction has made great strides over the years. Computer Assisted Design (CAD) programs and Building Information Modeling (BIM), for example, allow manufacturers greater flexibility. As a result, they can now build any style of modular home – using simple floor plans to build a 1,000 square foot ranch style home, or working off larger custom design plans for a 6,000 square foot mansion.

Built to last and with the highest regard for quality and affordability, modular home construction enables buyers to design, purchase and occupy their homes quicker and more cost effective.

Design improvements in modular office buildings

CAD and BIM programs have also contributed to design improvements in the manufacturing of modular office buildings, making custom plans a desirable option for many of Cormode & Dickson’s business clients.

Another construction advantage that many business owners appreciate in choosing a modular office building is the construction process itself. The manufacturing of modular office buildings tends to generate less materials waste and less site disturbances, as well as shorter duration of construction on site than comparable site built structures.

And of course, all modular office buildings by Cormode & Dickson are energy-efficient.