Organized by the Modular Building Institute and the University of Alberta, the 2016 Modular and Offsite Construction [MOC] Summit takes place in Edmonton at the University of Alberta from September 29 – October 1, 2016. An exciting and informative event in Alberta construction that connects entrepreneurs, builders, project managers, practitioners, academics, and industry stakeholders from around the world, offering educational and inspirational presentations that cover the breadth of cutting edge research and the best modular construction and offsite building practices from industrial to commercial construction.

Modular and offsite construction, also known as the industrialized construction process, saves on both time and costs while also creating high quality products in safe and healthy work environments. This year’s MOC Summit will unite industry experts and researchers in highlighting and exploring the challenges and benefits to modular and offsite construction.

The Summit consists of three full days of sessions, speakers, and networking opportunities in addition to two manufacturing facility walking tours at Lafarge and AQBUILT – providing attendees with insight into the construction process.


Speaker Specialization
Pamela Bell (NZ) Pre-fabricated Building and Innovative Construction
Dr. Animah Robinson Fayek (CA) Construction Productivity, Labour Motivation and Behavior; Organizational Competencies and Performance; and Risk Analysis and Mitigation
Damien Crough (AU) Improving and Entering New Markets with Existing Offsite Technologies
Dr. Geoffrey Shen (CH) Construction Management and Industrialized Building Systems
Dr. Xiaolong Xue (CH) Megaproject Management, Emerging

Information Technology (UAV, BIM) Adoption, and Innovation and Sustainability

Yimin Zhu (US) Built Environment Sustainability; Informatics and Stochastic Time, Cost, and Environmental Impact Optimization of Construction Processes
Mohamed Al-Hussein (CA) Lean Manufacturing; Construction Process Optimization; CO2 Emission Quantification; Building Information Modelling (BIM); Development of Modular and Offsite Construction Technologies and Practices
Steven Kuan (CA) Increased Use of Modular Construction in Wood Buildings – Fire, Structural, Durability, Sustainability, Acoustics and Vibration Performances

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