Cormode & Dickson would like to welcome their newest client, Cofely Fabricom, to Fort Saskatchewan.   A company in the energy services branch of the GDF SUEZ group, Cofely Fabricom has purchased a 60 acre site south ofDow Chemical.  It is the company’s first presence in Alberta, and Cormode & Dickson has been chosen to construct the new Cofely Assembly plant.

This is no small construction job.  When the building is complete it will boast of a whopping 31,756.63 square feet!  A building of such stature could actually house just about two regulation sized ice hockey rinks!  But Cofely has other uses planned for the pre-engineered building.  There will be a warehouse and prefabrication shop, each approximately 10,000 square feet.  Connected to these will be a two storey office building, the first floor 5,900 square feet, and the second 5,738 square feet.


Work on the assembly plant has already begun, with the completion of the first phase expected by year’s end. At that time Cofely will be ready to employ 100 to 150 people full time. This particular Cofely site, in Fort Saskatchewan, is designed to serve the oilsands projects in northeastern Alberta. This kind of industrial development is expected to lead to future development, and as the Mayor of Fort Saskatchewan, Gale Katchur, suggests, will act as a catalyst for the Fort Saskatchewan community.

Cormode & Dickson is excited to have this opportunity to work with Cofely Fabricom, to build not just a massive big-enough-to-hold-two-hockey-rinks structure, but a relationship with an outstanding company which will result in fantastic benefits for the people of Fort Saskatchewan as well as the Alberta oilsands industry!