We’re excited to announce that our very own Randy Ludwar, VP of Operations, will be attending and speaking at the World Of Modular between March 17th – 20th in San Diego, California at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
The World Of Modular is the Modular Building Institute’s (MBI) annual convention and trade show that brings together hundreds of modular construction professionals from all over the world. It has provided professionals in the industry with a place to network, exchange ideas, learn from each other, discuss pressing issues, display new products, and receive recognition from their peers.
Here’s some quick stats from World of Modular 2015:

    • 94% of 2015 attendees said they are likely to participate in World of Modular 2016.
    • 60% come to World of Modular to find new products.
    • World of Modular 2015 had a 15% increase in attendees over 2014.
  • 11% of attendees are from countries outside of North America.
Job Titles Of World Of Modular Attendees

As you can see, attendees have shown a resounding positivity towards this event, as it continually grows bigger each year, and modular becomes a larger sector of the construction industry.

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Randy Ludwar will be leading an educational breakout session. Here’s a short introduction to what he’ll be covering:

A Contractor’s View: The Benefits of Offsite Modular by the Numbers

Randy Ludwar, VP Operations, Cormode & Dickson Construction

Randy Ludwar’s career in construction started when the fax machine was considered high tech. Since then his experience in modular and offsite construction has included being the CEO of a major Canadian modular manufacturer and fabricator, giving him in-depth knowledge as it relates to building, suppliers, sub-trade costs, labor inputs, and the resulting profits. Ludwar will speak about the relationship of the costs of construction and the various new ratios that are relevant to successful projects when offsite modular solutions are used. In particular, he will make comparisons of traditional vs. modular construction and provide analysis “by the numbers,” related to the impact on safety, production in fabrication, installation at site, required on site construction, environmental impacts, and social impacts. Ludwar says, “By the numbers, we can prove that there is much more of an advantage to modular than just an accelerated schedule.”