Ben and his team pose after competing in the 2014 MS Bike Tour

Cormode and Dickson’s president/owner Ben Elzen will be competing again at the 27th annual MS Bike Tour, taking place June 11-12, 2016. Last year, Ben and his team, “The Spokespeople,” were in the top 10 Teams for Dollars Fundraised ($58,828.00). Ben was the 20th top fundraiser for 2015 and in the top 100 for raising 30% of the total money raised.  Ben and his team have demonstrated an incredible team spirit and commitment towards the cause of MS.  They have demonstrated by their participation in the yearly ride that it is possible to raise money and awareness for all of those affected by this illness.

Over 100,000 Canadian have been diagnosed with MS, and every day another three people receive a new diagnosis. At the present time, there is no known cause or cure for MS but people like Ben and his team are consistent in their efforts to raise money for research and treatment.  Supporting Ben and his team in the MS Bike Ride also helps those suffering with the debilitating illness.  If you would like to donate towards the team click here and support Ben and The Spokespeople during their upcoming ride!