Costs During a Construction Project

Imagine this, you have started your construction project, but just a few weeks into it, you realize that the design of your project is not up to the code. This can cost you a lot of money in fixing. And this is just one of the many unexpected costs that can arise during a construction project. But you can easily avoid these surprises by simply accounting them in your budget during the pre-production phase itself. Hence, here are some of the hidden costs that you should look out for.

Incomplete or Wrong Design

As mentioned above, an incomplete or wrong design is quite a common issue that can drive up your costs. A faulty plan may not address the nature of the site-ground or may miss out on some provincial code requirements. The only way to fix this issue is to go back to the drawing-room. However, to avoid this, you need to ensure that your construction management company follows the latest construction codes of Alberta and that the design is complete before you begin the construction project.

Spontaneous Changes

Yet, sometimes, even the most perfect designs can face spontaneous changes once the construction starts. Perhaps the structure does not meet your expectations, or you came up with a better idea for your project. Though you are entitled to make as many changes as you want to your project, you must consider the costs that may come with them. 

Unexpected Accidents

Construction is an intensive process that requires specialty tools, and sometimes they may break. And sometimes, other accidents can occur on the site that can damage some components. Fixing such accidents can also cost you money, especially if an expensive component or machine is damaged. This is also a good reason to make sure your contractor has insurance.

Timeline Delays

Just like on-site accidents, there can also occur unexpected delays in time during the construction project, like strikes or bad weather. Such delays can also drive up the costs of your project by a significant amount. You can avoid this by keeping a few buffer days at the end of your timeline to accommodate such delays.

Preparation of Land and Excavations

When you hire a construction management company, they may not be transparent about all the costs. Many contractors do not include the cost of preparation of land and excavations in the quote that they give you. You can avoid this by asking them about it, and by being clear on the terms of the contract.

Cost of Permits

Construction projects often require some permits and clearances, depending on the project type. Hence, you must not overlook the cost of such permits for your construction project in Edmonton. By accounting these, you can avoid not only expected expenses but also timeline delays.

How to Make it Easier?

These unexpected costs and expenses can make construction projects intimidating, but it does not have to be so. Instead, you can hire a construction management company to handle the entire project. At Cormode & Dickson, we provide all the construction services, including designing the project and construction it, without any hidden costs. For more details, contact us now.